The report of the 10th UN-CSW internship program is now available

BPW-Japan has been sending young women selected from the public to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UN-CSW) since 2003. This year marked the 10th year of the UN-CSW internship program, and four selected interns were sent to New York to participate in the 57th UN-CSW, from March 3 through March 15, 2013. The most recent report of the interns is now available in the internet: The report contains a wide range of global women’s issues which they learned at the NGO CSW parallel events, as well as their exciting experiences of insightful discussions with young people from all over the world, and the delightful evening of BPW International Claire Fulcher’s Dinner. The report is in Japanese. BPW-Japan is starting the application process for the 58th UN-CSW internship of 2014. The details are:

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