Thank you for warm words of concern

March 18, 2011

Dear BPW members,

We greatly appreciate thoughtful words of concern to the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan from all over the world.

As you know in the media, the gigantic earthquakes and tsunami hit the Northeast of Japan on March 11th. They were so devastating and destructing that it is expected that the death toll and the number of missing people combined will swell to more than 16,000. We still have a series of strong aftershocks even now. There are still many areas with no water and/or electricity, and more than 280,000 people are in the emergency shelters. Further, Japan now faces the serious threat from badly damaged nuclear plants. We are trying to cope with this crisis together, caring for others. Members of BPW Sendai Club, while they themselves are amid disaster, are now devotedly assisting people who are more seriously suffering.

We, BPW Japan, are heartened by the many warm concerns expressed by the worldwide BPW members. We would most appreciate it, if you could make a contribution to the BPW Japan Disaster Relief Fund to provide emergency assistance for suffering people in Sendai and northeastern region of Japan. Please see the next page for the bank account we have set up for this particular purpose.

Thank you again for your kind consideration and support.

Sincerely yours,

Toshimi Matsubara
President, BPW Japan

Bank Information

1. The information for the intermediary bank must be included. If no specific space is provided for this information, please write it within an open area on the form. Please note that intermediary charges (such as handling charges by correspondent banks) and other fees may be deducted from the remittance amount.

2. If remittances in USD are made from financial institutions in USA to a Japan Post Bank account, the CHIPS UID and BIC (SWIFT code) are both required. (If remittances are made from overseas to a Japan Post Bank account, the ABA(Fedwire Code)and IBAN are not required.)

Note: Transactions made from the following financial institutions are not necessarily transferred via a designated intermediary bank. (“Intermediary Bank” and “Intermediary Bank BIC” are not required.)
In USD: Republic of Korea (Korea Post)
In EUR: Israel (Israel Postal Company (Israel Postal Bank)),Austria (BAWAG P.S.K),Spain (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)),Slovakia (Postova Banka a.s.),Serbia (Postal Savings Bank of Serbia),Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka (CSOB)),Germany (Deutsche Postbank),Belgium (La Poste (De Post)),Poland (Poczta Polska),Romania (Bancpost S.A),Denmark (Sydbank)

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